Enterprise purpose: Let the world's farmers to facilitate the production of adequate and healthy agricultural products for human.
Mission: To provide sustainable, secure, green, and abundant agricultural products to the world.
Development goals: To provide the first-class materials and technical services on continued global agricultural production increased and healthy agricultural products for human. To become the first world-class and great agricultural products suppliers in China.
Development strategy: Before 2015 year, reach an annual output of twenty thousand tons of plastic film and solve the problem of white pollution in agriculture.
                                     In 2025year, start a comprehensive agricultural production and supply.
                                     In 2030year, to become the first agricultural supplier in China.
                                     In 2035year, to become the first-class world's supplier of comprehensive agricultural and agricultural product.

Enterprise spirit:

Diligence: diligence labor is the source of wealth.

Focus: focus on the target area.

Innovation: continuously deny myself.

Collaboration: Integration of the same industry, Upstream and downstream cooperation, Different industry alliance.

Development: The only way to survive is correct development.

Enterprise purpose:

User: make every attempt to create and meet user's valued demand and help them to success.

Staff: We're working at full blast to create the future and help our staff to succeed their career and happy their family.

Company (shareholders): always benefit others first, then ourselves.

Society / environment: Don't hold, to be calm, put yourself down then you can get energy finally.

Enterprise Philosophy(The core idea):

Product: Innovation100, service 100, stable quality 100, object 0.

Competition: only defeated yourself first can beyond your opponent.

Value: The Company's value is user's usefulness.

Brand: brand would create long-term value, long-term value create stream of wealth.

Execution: The system first, led second.

Marketing: think of a way to find and meet user’s needs, The user in the whole process.

Team: a person's energy is only a drop of water, a team's strength is the sea.

Salary: pay for result, no result is a shame.

Communication: It's the first skill for person.

Gratitude: Proud of gratitude, Ingratitude to shame, Gratitude is the first human mind.

Loyalty: loyalty to my country, loyal to my corporation.

Employee: position first, ability second.

Tribulation: If you want to make big business, you should suffering whenever and wherever.

Learning: learning is the first competitive power for everyone.

Thinking: When you working, you should with positive thinking.

Responsibility: Everything is meaningless if lack of responsibility, just, education, intelligence, confidence.


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